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高中英语选择性必修四 练习部分 视频
2022-09-08 |0 条评论
Unit 1Video 1 How miscommunication happens原视频是TED-Ed上的一部科普性动画->戳我直达原链接Video 2Unit 2
高中英语选择性必修四 Listening And Viewing视频
2022-09-07 |0 条评论
Unit 1Unit 2Unit 3Unit 4
高中英语选择性必修四 练习部分 听力
2022-09-01 |0 条评论
Unit One Unit Two Unit Three Unit Four Final Revision
2022-06-11 |0 条评论
The End PartThe last interesting thing is that many Chinese invest based on the zodiac chart as a...
2022-05-27 |0 条评论
Chinese ZodiacIn China, people offten ask you about "What's your zodiac?", if you tell them, they...
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